Parts Sales

Press Parts Direct is dedicated to maintaining an inventory that makes the common repair parts for the MS1000 available for immediate delivery. Our computerized MRP(Material Resource Planning) system allows us to accurately track your order and maintain our inventory and manufacturing processes.

We have IN STOCK the most frequently needed repair parts for your MS1000 press. The most common of these are listed below.

GEARS -- A very large portion of our parts business revolves around gears. We endeavor to keep in stock ALL gears for the MS1000 Offset, Numbering, Punch, and Cross Perf Units. We recognize that one failed gear can shut down a press, so we keep these gears on the shelf. In the event that you need one quickly, we are here to help.

TIMKEN BEARINGS -- We have in stock all required Timken Bearings for the Offset Inserts, Numbering Unit, Punch, and even the Cross Perf. in single or two cylinder style.

VIBRATOR PARTS -- Press Parts Direct stocks the common wear items on the MS1000 vibrator design. These include the bronze wormgears, the steel worms (both 10:1 and 5:1 ratios), bronze vibrator bushings, drive gears, and bearings.

We can supply new vibrator rolls in both the one-piece and two-piece versions, in copper or nylon covering. We can also repair your old roll to like new condition.

INK FOUNTAIN PARTS -- We stock standard ink cheeks for both Model C (4" diameter ink ball) and Model B (3" diameter ink ball) styles as well as ink keys. We offer ink fountain blades and ink fountain rolls. Please check out our Press Parts Direct "Felt Lined Ink Cheeks" and "Blade Swap-out Progrm" in our Specials section. We are sure that you will prefer these to the OEM equipment.

DAMPENER PARTS -- Whether it's for the Dahlgren Dampener, for the older Model B's, or for the newer Model C dampener, we keep the replacement parts on the shelf, including Oldham Keys, Couplings, and seals. As for the Chrome Rollers, we repair lots of these. See our Specials section for information regarding Stainless Steel Transfer Rolls.

INFEED AND REWIND PARTS -- Bronze Guide Plates, Leaf Springs, Unwind Shaft Gears, Rewind Drive Shafts...all in stock!

ELECTRIC AND PNEUMATIC -- We also offer a wide assortment of electric and pneumatic parts for MS1000 printing press.

If there is something that you need but don't see here, let us know. There is nothing that we can't supply for your MS1000!

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