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Felt-Lined Ink Cheek

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Press Parts Direct, in cooperation with a valued customer, has developed the Felt-Lined Ink Cheek for the Model B and Model C MS1000 Press. The Felt-Lined Ink Cheek has many advantages over the original bronze ink cheek design. First, they are made of UHMW Polyethylene Plastic. UHMW, when compared to bronze, is less likely to cause damage to the hardened surface of the ink fountain roller when dried ink and debris get trapped in between. Second, the felt lining provides a superior seal to prevent leaks, even on worn rollers. The felt lining also makes setting of the ink cheeks much easier and reduces the risk of damage and overheating due to over-tightening. The Felt-Lined Ink Cheek is a full 1" wide compared to 1/2" on the original design, and a grease fitting is provided to aid in leak prevention and reduce friction.

We also provide free replacement felts for the life of the press!!

Replaceable Ink Fountain Blade and Blade "Swap-Out" Program

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Press Parts Direct, in cooperation with a valued customer, has developed the Replaceable Ink Fountain Blade and "Swap-Out" Program for the MS1000. The motivation for this design change and the Swap-Out program is to eliminate the high cost of replacing the entire fountain blade assembly when the blade wears out. In the original design, the spring steel blade is welded to the steel base. When the blade wears out, the entire assembly must be replaced. In the Press Parts Direct Replaceable Blade design, the blade is attatched to the base with flat head screws, thus creating an assembly in which only the blade needs to be replaced when it wears out. The reassembled new blade and the old base still must have the ends ground together to create the proper seal when the ink cheek is mounted. Our solution to this is the Swap-Out program. Press Parts Direct will keep refurbished Ink Fountain Blade Assemblies on the shelf and ready to ship out. The refurbished assembly consists of a new blade, either a new or used base, assembled, ground, and ready to install. You simply pull your old blade assembly out of the press, install the new one, put the old one in the same container the new one came in, and send it back to us.

Stainless Steel Transfer Roll for Stevens or Dahlgren Type Dampening Systems

We now offer the Stainless Steel Transfer Roll. The Stainless Steel Transfer Roll is made to the same dimensional specifications as the original chrome roll except for the body diameter. The body diameter is oversized .030" to allow for future resurfacing and retreatment by the customer in case the surface gets dinged. The roll surface is treated with Gum Arabic and ready for use. Oversizing the roll allows you to get more use out of your transfer roll and less cost to resurface as compared to rechroming. Press Parts Direct can provide directions for resurfacing rolls, or we can provide the service for a nominal charge.
The price for the Stainless Steel Transfer Roll is comparable to the Chrome Roll, but you will save money down the road when it's time to repair it again.

If there is something that you need but don't see here, let us know. There's nothing that we can't supply for your MS1000!

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