How can Press Parts Direct offer you complete satisfaction?

We are a customer driven company. We satisfy our customers by focusing on the three key areas of our operation:


The Engineering Staff of Press Parts Direct has over 40 years of printing press design experience, both mechanical and electrical. In fact, 35 of these years were with the original manufacturer of the MS1000. We also have a vast amout of experience in the areas of registration and tension control. Our techniques for troubleshooting include state of the art diagnostic methods. Many of these methods have been developed by our staff.

Our President, Jarrett Miller, has held numerous engineering design and management positions with Stevens, last of which was Manager, Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Miller was responsible for many design improvements and enhancements on the MS1000 including insert design and the incorporation of the Tandler Gearbox in place of the Hub City Gearbox. Also in his tenure with Stevens, Mr. Miller designed Variable Size Perfecting Print Units, Two Cylinder Insert Print Units, and was awarded three U.S. Patents in the area of printing press design.

Vice President, Bill Buehler, has also held numerous engineering design and management positions. He has significant experience in the design of press control systems. He has been responsible for upgrading the electrical systems on the MS1000 and the design of latest digital control console.

Mr. Bruce Fraser, Manager of Parts and Customer Support, has served in numerous printing press related capacities over the past 17 years including engineering, sales and customer service. Mr. Fraser was instrumental in completing several engineering improvements to the MS1000. He brings a multitude of design and customer experience to Press Parts Direct.


Our manufacturing procedures focus on quality. Press Parts Direct maintains an intimate relationship with many part suppliers and machine shops that have been used by the original manufacturer of the MS1000. The specific knowledge of these suppliers, coupled with our engineering expertise, is invaluable in procuring quality, reliable parts. Many of the more significant components of the MS1000, including insert sideframes, are supplied in conjunction with a company headed by the former Manager of Machining for the MS1000 original manufacturer. His many years of experience manufacturing parts for the MS1000 will centainly be benificial to Press Parts Direct and our customers.


Press Parts Direct is likewise commited to quality assembly. The assembly of Press Parts Direct inserts and towers is performed in a dedicated shop located in Columbus, KS. This shop is staffed by qualified personnel who have many years of experience building and rebuilding print and bindery inserts and units. Their knowledge coupled with our engineering and manufacturing capabilities allows us to produce a product that will meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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